Tilapia Investment

Tilapia Farm Investment Project


Honduras is the premier producer and exporter of tilapia to the United States, Canada and Mexico. Located only two hours from many US cities by plane, Honduran markets can deliver fresh tilapia filets within a few hours. Honduran aquafarmers currently export more than 19 million pounds of tilapia annually. While this represents more than US$80 million in yearly revenue, it fails to meet North America's high demand.


ODTC and Agroeconomics Invest in Tilapia Farm

The Open Door Trading Company has partnered with Agroeconomics, a Honduran firm that's using new technology to develop the country’s largest environmentally friendly and certified organic tilapia farm. Located in El Guanabano, a town in southern Honduras, the innovative fish farm is enabling locals to offer a larger and healthier product via organic means: Its unique biosystem produces its own organic fish feed. When the farm is completed it will employ more than 200 people (most of them women) and will help train local fish farmers for decades to come.

Video Tour of the Guanabano Farm

See The ODTC's visit to the El Guanabano tilapia farm and training center. Our video begins with a view of conventional fish farming and then moves to Guanabano's efficient, organic and environmentally friendly alternative.