Attracting Good

Attracting Good

One of the ways to succeed in any business is to learn how to harness the power of the law of attraction to literally attract good to your venture.

Of course, not everybody is willing to agree with this concept and indeed, many completely disregard it as mumbo jumbo. However, I have seen far too many instances where people have turned their fortunes literally around and upward when using this mumbo jumbo for their own ends or to take an ailing business and turn it into a profitable venture.

What is this ethereal magic that some seem to be able to harness while the vast majority fail to even accept its existence?


Turning a Profit in the Face of Adversity

It doesn't take very much acumen to open your eyes and look at some of the many truly successful entrepreneurs that have amassed great fortunes out of seeming nothingness. Many of them came from nowhere with little or no start up funds and few, if any connections.

The burning question in your mind at this point should be, "How did they do it?" If that's not what you're thinking right now, chances are you're already moving to throw this out and go look for something else to do. Like go watch TV or otherwise zone out your brain for a while.

If that sounded a little harsh, it was meant to. Most of the self-made millionaires alive to day and a good deal of them going back through history did not get to where they were by zoning out their minds!

On the contrary, they figured out that their minds and in particular their thoughts, were needed above all else to achieve their desires.

The lesson is everywhere if you care to look. It's even found in the Bible (to paraphrase): "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he..."

What that's telling us is that we are the product of our habitual way of thinking. So if a person is predominantly thinking thoughts of wealth, success and achievement, they are far more likely to attract those things into their life. Whereas the person that is predominantly thinking thoughts of poverty, lack and limitation is equally likely to experience those harsh results in their lives.


Positive Thought

That's not some kind of airy fairy nonsense either. History is replete with examples of people achieving great success that many put down to good luck or getting a lucky break. The reality is very few ever receive a lucky break. Luck may not even exist!

What people think of as luck is often a set of circumstances set ion motion by a person who has set their mind on a favorable outcome and worked diligently and determinedly to make it happen. No luck involved. Just hard work, determination and the incontrovertible belief they will succeed.

Try sitting in an easy chair and dreaming of being given a great stack of cash for doing nothing and see how that turns out!

You need to be in a positive frame of mind to begin with and let your mind bring forth ideas that you can take and work with to bring about your fortune and success. Negative thoughts will only bring negative results!


Learning How to Master the Law of Attraction

Surprisingly, it is not very difficult to come to terms with and adopt the knowledge that makes up the workings of this often ignored concept. That's the one that says whatever you hold in your mind and combine with positive emotion for long enough will manifest in your life.

The law does not care what you're asking for or how you ask. It will give you whatever you are thinking and feeling into existence. Good or bad.

So if you're fretting and worrying that you don't have enough money to pay your bills, even though you desperately want to attract some money into your life at that moment, all you attract is more things that will keep money away from you.

The clue there is in not allowing your mind to dwell on what you don't want, but to turn it around a full 180 degrees and only think about what you do want!

You can even take an online course that will teach you how to harness this concept and get it working in your life the right way. A good law of attraction certification course can be found by following that link to a page the explains it at length so you can have a good understanding of it before you reach for your credit card and purchase the course.

In fact, why not go and get it, read it, learn it and then put it to work in your life. Then you can see if good things really do start manifesting in your life!