Coffee Project


Organic Coffee Investment Project

How valuable is coffee? You know its value to you at 6 a.m. And when morning coffees are multiplied on an international scale, coffee becomes second only to oil as the world's most traded legitimate commodity. That's impressive for a product that, unlike oil, can be sustainable and environmentally friendly. In Honduras, where The ODTC invests, coffee represents 22% of national export revenue. Honduras is the third largest producer of coffee in its region and exports $340 million worth of coffee annually, making it a continually moving cash flow (eg: that brings with it much needed revenue for the country.


Changing a Lopsided Coffee Economy

Despite coffee's status as a high-value commodity, the majority of small Honduran coffee growers aren't adequately compensated for their products. The Open Door Trading Company (ODTC) introduces new opportunities for training, business investment and product distribution that can significantly raise the incomes of small Honduran coffee farmers. Our organic coffee investment program produces a high-quality,  high-demand product while retaining the integrity of soil and letting farm families live pesticide-free.